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The new Spurs have launched with new colors and updated UDH frame for AXS T-type drivetrains. Call the shop to order yours!


Carbon frame, carbon wheels, Factory suspension, and the latest wireless drivetrain and dropper post, the X0 AXS Spur needs no upgrades. Ready to race, explore, and shred your local trails on day one. Giddy Up!


The All-Country Bike
Effortlessly explore, seek, and pursue the mountain in ways you never imagined.

The Spur provides a sense of connection to the bike as if it were an extension to your body. Fast and efficient with an anti-gravity feel and laser-pointer precision that begs you to climb more, go farther, and descend anything you may encounter along the way. You'll instantly appreciate the free speed you're awarded while accelerating where you're usually accustomed to pedaling. Don't judge a book by its cover though, with all these lightweight and uphill oriented character traits the Spur requires no adjustment to descend like you're used to, you might actually go faster.



Transition Spur - X0 AXS

Ready to Ship. Allow about a week to receive and assemble.
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